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Listen to @chancetherapper and @BrianFresco’s new song “Higher”

— Pitchfork (@pitchfork) June 28, 2016

If You Like ‘One Dance,’ You’ll Love Brian Fresco And Chance The Rapper’s ‘Higher’

— MTV News (@MTVNews) June 29, 2016

Brian Fresco #Cassanova #HIGHER ft Me The Rapper

— Lil Chano From 79th (@chancetherapper) June 29, 2016

My brother and the executive producer of #Casanova @trevorwelch

— #Casanova (@BrianFresco) June 29, 2016

.@BrianFresco’s #Casanova is one of Chicago’s best mixtapes of the year. 

Listen here:

— RedEye (@redeyechicago) July 5, 2016

.@chancetherapper, @BrianFresco & @trubluhawaii made one of 2016's most unpredictable songs

— idolator (@idolator) July 1, 2016

"Higher feat. Chance The Rapper and B..." by Brian Fresco is now #1 on the main chart:

— Hype Machine (@hypem) July 2, 2016

Save Money rapper @BrianFresco realizes his ambition with 'Casanova.'

— Chicago Reader (@Chicago_Reader) July 7, 2016

. @BrianFresco #Casanova available now. young men of color with goals #blackexcellence

— still alive (@VicMensa) July 8, 2016